The Team's Robot

The goals of the 2014 robot design were to have the capabilities to:

(1) Pick up the ball from the ground with the basket.
(2) Launch ball into the high goal.
(3) Launch the ball over the truss.
(4) Catch the ball once it is launched over the trust.

Each goal was thought through by the team and approached in a creative manner. The team had to figure out an effective way to achieve these goals and ultimately came up with the pendulum idea.

Design Design

The first part of the robot that needed to be built was the triangular chassis. This chassis would be the base for the swerve drive train for the robot. The design included three swerve wheels on each point of the triangular chassis. This project took about two weeks worth of work to complete. As this was going on, the programming team was working hard on the start of the programming for the robot.

Build Program

The next part of the robot to be worked on was the manipulator, or in our case, the pendulum mechanism and the basket/cage. Also while this was going on, the electrical team prepared all of the electrical components and wiring for the robot. These tasks were set back quite a ways while we were dealing with many snow days from the winter vortexes. Even with the set backs we were able to design the pendulum mechanism as well as the cage for the ball. Construction was started around Week 3 and took about three weeks to get mostly completed. During this time the programmers loaded up the control laptop with LabView and continued the coding for the robot's operation.

Electronics Program Manipulator Manipulator

Week 6 is an exciting week as the finishing touches are put on the robot! The electrical components are up, the building is being finished up, and the programming is being loaded onto the robot during this final week. The team is ready to see all of their hard work come together with the very first start up of our robot. With any luck, the robot will start up without any issues at all.

Robot Robot Robot

At the the first competition for us this year at Gull Lake the team found out the weight of the robot without the bumpers and battery (as the rules permit). The rules allow each robot to weigh up to 120 pounds (54.43 Kg), this years robot weighed in at exactly 120 pounds (54.43 Kg), right at the limit!

With the robot construction complete and the size and weight requirements met, the robot was packed up and shipped to the warehouse where it awaits the team for the West Michigan Regional competitions to be held March 20th-22nd at Grand Valley State University Field House...
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View this year's game, Recycle Rush, below: